Nachusa Grasslands is owned and operated by The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit conservation organization.

Friends of Nachusa Grasslands is a nonprofit, tax exempt entity created in 2008 by Nachusa Grasslands volunteers dedicated to supporting Nachusa Grasslands, and is not affiliated with The Nature Conservancy.

The mission of Friends of Nachusa Grasslands is to:
■ fund one or more endowments that will help defray the cost of natural areas management, staff, and operating expenses;
■ conduct and encourage stewardship; and
■ support education and scientific activity at the preserve.

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Calendar for Special Events and Workdays

Directions to Nachusa Grasslands

Please note: The bison roam across 500 acres of rolling land and are often not visible from the road. No hiking is permitted inside the fenced bison unit. Binoculars are helpful.  No hiking is permitted inside the fenced bison unit.  The other units of the preserve are open dawn to dusk for hiking. 



The Friends of Nachusa Grasslands

"2016 Application for Research Grant"

and the

"2016 Nachusa Friends Science Grant Guidelines"

are now available.

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tab to the left.

Nachusa Grasslands consists of 3100 acres of prairie remnants, restorations, and reconstructions located between Oregon, Dixon and Franklin Grove, IL. Remnant prairie knobs were protected from the plow by an unfarmable overlay of St. Peter Sandstone. Starting in 1986 with the purchase of 250 acres, The Nature Conservancy has gradually recreated a vision of 1800 Illinois' mosaic of prairie, savanna and wetlands. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers have collected seed to replant former corn and bean fields.

It is an ongoing effort to remove non-Illinois plants from the preserve. Nachusa Grasslands is home to over 700 native prairie plant species as well as many important birds, insects, and reptiles.

The preserve is open to the public every day from dawn to dusk.  The main Lowden Road entrance has an information kiosk, with maps, and a Port-a-John but no water.

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Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Science Grants for 2015 have been awarded. Click to see summaries of the grants.


WorkDays: 9 AM-Noon, Meet at headquarters barn a little before 9AM.

     3  Fame Flower Unit
   10  Walkup Prairie
   17  Holland Savanna
   24  Holland Savanna
          Seed Harvest Celebration in the afternoon
   31  Walkup Prairie

Please go to the Workdays page to see the full schedule of workdays.

Nachusa Grasslands has been designated as an
Audubon Important Bird Area.

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The President of Friends of Nachusa Grasslands is Bernie Buchholz.

Our e-mail address is (Email communications preferred)

Our phone number is 708-406-9894. (Only call if emailing is not possible. Leave a message — we will respond, but it may take some time.)

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The Friends of Nachusa Grasslands does not sell or rent our donor mailing list to anyone outside our organization.

Several of the activities described on this web site, including work days, prescribed burns, the Youth Stewardship Program, the Prairie Smoke Annual Report, and Autumn on the Prairie, are offered and overseen by The Nature Conservancy.  

Except for specific Friends-sponsored events, such as the annual Prairie Potluck, all Nachusa visitors and volunteers are under the auspices of The Nature Conservancy.

Friends of Nachusa Grasslands provides information about The Nature Conservancy programs to help fulfill our goals of promoting volunteerism, science, and education, but Friends of Nachusa Grasslands is not responsible for these activities.

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